Style: Saison/Farmhouse (Mixed Culture & Brett)

ABV: 7.3

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 5

Birds Fly South Ale Project Out Back Counting Stars

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What the brewers say

Open-fermented, pitched onto hops and yeast at the same time for max biotransformation. Can-conditioned.

What our panel thought

Amazing aroma—huge pepper, citrus, and fresh tropical fruit grounded by damp wood-and-leather funk. Brett orange juice. Bitterness fights with Brett funk in the flavor, crowding out hops but leaving a citrus residue. Unbalanced toward Brett and bitterness.

What our editors thought

Contemporary NEIPA nose—replete with tropical fruit and citrus—punctuated by crisp Brett through line. The sip is soft and accessible, while pepper notes add a certain structure that keeps it honest. Juicy yet defined, it’s a curious syncretic approach.



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