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Podcast Episode 276: Kyle Carbaugh of Wiley Roots Explores the Outer Limits of Flavor in Fruit Beer and Barrel-Aged Stout

Maximum flavor in fruit and other ingredients is what consumers have grown to expect from Wiley Roots, and they’ve built an atypical process for building intense but rounded flavor in fruit beers as well as bigger barrel-aged stouts.

Podcast Episode 275: Brett Taylor of Brooklyn’s Wild East Runs a Brewery, Not a Museum

Opening at the start of the pandemic took Wild East in a different direction than they’d originally planned. Yet focusing on decocted Czech-style lagers and accessible mixed-fermentation beers—along with West coast–style IPA—has earned them loyal fans.

Podcast Episode 274: Best in Beer Brewers’ Perspectives on Hazy IPA and Sweet Molé Stout

Two brewers of our featured Best 20 Beers in 2022—Carey Fristoe of Black Spruce and John Garcia of King Harbor—discuss the creative and technical processes that went into their exceptional beers.

Podcast Episode 273: Top Critics and Writers Discuss Their Best in Beer of 2022

Stan Hieronymus, Kate Bernot, Alex Kidd, Courtney Iseman, and Joe Stange all talk through their personal lists of top ten beers of 2022, along with their hot takes and favorite growing styles.

Podcast Episode 272: The Best in Beer 2022

In this special once-per-year episode, we reveal all your favorite beers, breweries, beer cities, and more—as voted on by Craft Beer & Brewing readers—plus, we walk through each of our Best 20 Beers in 2022.

Podcast Episode 271: Brooklyn’s Grimm Artisanal Ales Apply a Yeast-Driven Approach to Brewing

Lauren and Joe Grimm of the eponymously named Brooklyn-based brewery have built processes to optimize yeast health and performance, whether brewing hazy IPAs or wild and spontaneous beers.

Podcast Episode 270: Sapwood Cellars Turns Research into Creative Practice with Hoppy and Wild Beers

Helmed by authors Michael Tonsmiere and Scott Janish, Sapwood Cellars’ shared focus on hop-forward beers and oak-aged mixed fermentations was a given. However, over the past four years, they’ve pushed into new territory and found spaces for even more creative exploration.

Podcast Episode 269: GABF Gold! Deadwords and Wye Hill Talk Winning with Light Lager and Hazy Pale Ale

Two brewers share insights into their gold medal–winning beers: a thiol-focused hazy pale ale and an unconventional American light lager brewed with Vista hops.

Podcast Episode 268: Garrett Ward of Sideward Layers Hops of Every Form in American and Hazy IPAs

Cryo, Incognito, Salvo, Spectrum, Phantasm, and more are all tools that Garrett Ward uses to punch up hop flavor in their juicy (yet still bitter) IPAs. He discusses how they use these new hop formats in both hazy and clear American IPAs.

Podcast Episode 267: GABF Gold! Roadmap and Precarious Share Their Approaches to Gold Medal–Winning Pilsner and Cold IPA

Two pros share insights into their gold medal–winning beers: an international-style pilsner brewed on a single-infusion, two-vessel system, and a cold IPA with a “cool pool,” dry-hopped during active fermentation.