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Podcast Episode 225: 3 Fonteinen’s Next Generation Is Going from Grain to Gueuze

Werner Van Obberghen and Lukas Van den Abeele discuss extending the tradition and digging deeper into lambic history with the next phase of the historic blendery and brewery.

Podcast Episode 224: Julia Herz of the American Homebrewers Association Connects the Dots Between Beer and Flavor

The author of several quintessential works on food and beer pairing ponders the question “why we brew” and offers a primer in developing your flavor lexicon.

Podcast Episode 223: Matt Sampson of Hacienda Believes in Flavor Over Style

The director of brewing operations for the progressive Wisconsin brewery discusses finding their flavor voice in a way that transcends style.

Podcast Episode 222: Good Word’s Todd DiMatteo Goes Big on Little Beers

This suburban Atlanta brewery is on a broader mission to show that low-ABV beers across the style spectrum can be just as exciting as their stronger counterparts.

Podcast Episode 221: Jan Chodkowski of Our Mutual Friend Embraces Both the Bold and the Sublime

For Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, subtle tweaks and improvements over years of brewing have brought their hoppy beers into medal-winning form, but the big and brash flavors in their smoked beers showcase their penchant for dramatic statements.

Podcast Episode 220: Kyle Harrop of Horus Aged Ales Pushes the Edges of Adjunct Technique

The serial collaborator from Oceanside, California, discusses the techniques he’s honed to build balanced flavor with energy and flair in intensely adjunct-forward beers.

Podcast Episode 219: For Firestone Walker Cofounder David Walker, Innovation and Collaboration Are in Craft Beer’s DNA

There wasn’t any one moment when David Walker knew that the brewery he founded with his brother-in-law was going to be successful. Instead, they’ve laid layer atop layer over 25 years to add reach while improving quality.

Podcast Episode 218: Broken Strings’ Charles Frizzell Believes that More is More When It Comes to Flavor-Forward Beers

Florida is known for flavor, and Orlando’s Broken Strings hits it right in that sweet spot. Yet founder and brewer Charles Frizzell doesn’t take a cynical approach—every beer is brewed to wow, from pastry stout and “soda sour” to triple-decocted Kölsch.

Podcast Episode 217: North Park Beer’s Kelsey McNair Is Making Better West Coast IPA By Tinkering with Hazies

It’s hard enough to win a GABF medal in an IPA category. In 2021, North Park Beer won two—one hazy, one West Coast. Founder Kelsey McNair discusses their dogged approach to improvement and new techniques to maximize the flavor and impact of hops.

Podcast Episode 216: Lars Marius Garshol Is Doing the Research and Shifting the Paradigms

The Oslo-based author and researcher of heirloom yeasts and traditional brewing techniques talks about game-changing kveik, lost farmhouse beer styles, and more.