Podcast Episode 337: The Most Listened-to Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast Episodes of 2023

For this final episode of the year, Khris Johnson of Green Bench joins Jamie to recap and listen through highlights from your 10 favorite episodes of the past 12 months.

Jamie Bogner Dec 31, 2023 - 6 min read

Podcast Episode 337: The Most Listened-to Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast Episodes of 2023 Primary Image

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The final episode of the year is our chance to look back on the year of brewing conversations and highlight those episodes that struck the biggest chords with you, our listeners. Joining Jamie in the co-host chair is Khris Johnson of Green Bench in St. Petersburg, Florida, and together they count down the 10 most listened-to episodes while sharing excerpts from each. The top 10 include:

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