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Kate Bernot

Beer Bars We Love in Seattle, Great Falls, and San Diego

In every issue our Love Handles department features three great beer bars. For Issue 34 we went to the Pine Box (Seattle), Stein Haus (Great Falls), and Small Bar (San Diego).

Breakout Brewery: Ruse

The founders and brewers of Ruse Brewing in Portland, Oregon, are meticulous about ingredients and trust their collective gut like a compass to steer them through turbulent times.

Breakout Brewer: Heirloom Rustic Ales

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s newcomer Heirloom Rustic Ales courts locals with open-fermented saisons and lagers, proving that good beer takes time and that as craft evolves and grows, having recipes for the uninitiated is great for business.

Breakout Brewers: KettleHouse Brewing Co.

Brewing world-class beer in paradise has always been the mission of Missoula, Montana’s Kettlehouse Brewing. Now, it finally has the space to allow its brewers to stretch their legs.