Kate Bernot

Critic’s List: Kate Bernot’s Best in 2023

Here are the high points of the year in beer from our contributing editor, one of the most prolific and astute journalists covering the industry today.

Gather ’Round the Fireplace at Montana’s Mount Powell Tap Room

From our Love Handles files on the world’s great watering holes: Locals rule at this warm, comfortable, and family-friendly bar in Deer Lodge, Montana.

Writing the Rules of West Coast Pilsner (So They Can Be Broken)

Hop-forward lagers are nothing new, but a new thread is emerging that more intentionally marries the great drinkability of a pilsner with the expressive hopping of a West Coast IPA. Could it be the best of both worlds?

Toronto’s Bar Volo Offers Cask Ale, Crostini, and Comfort

From our Love Handles files on the world’s great beer bars: Bar Volo in Toronto brings together locally brewed cask ales, quality Italian cooking, and cozy vibes.

Balanced Aroma: Adjusting the Thiol Dial

Modified yeast strains and products such as Phantasm have unlocked the massive aromatic and flavor potential of thiols. Now, brewers are learning how best to tame that power in service of balance and nuance.

At Alaska’s Seward Alehouse, Get In Some Local Beers Near the Kenai Fjords

From our Love Handles files on the world’s great beer bars: Seward Alehouse is a local dive like only Alaska can do it—it just happens to have great beer, too.

Natty White? Behold, Pét Nat + Hops

Cider isn’t the only fermented fruit messing around with craft beer’s most cherished ingredient. In California, Field Recordings’ dry-hopped pét nat marries the best of wine and beer.

All Aboard the Pineapple Express, It’s Tepache Time

Tepache is the fast, fun, and nearly foolproof fermented drink you’ll want to blend into your next brew—or sip solo.

Breakout Brewer: Art History Is Doubling Down on Lager

Committed to brewing the best European-style lagers possible, Art History Brewing in Geneva, Illinois, is expanding into a brewhouse outfitted with a wish list of bells and whistles.

For Yeast-Centric Shades, the Future is Bright

In South Salt Lake, Utah, the team at Shades Brewing has transformed a proprietary yeast culture and a dash of bad luck into brewery magic.