16 of the Best Fruit IPAs, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin (72)

Moderate malt flavor where hops should be. strong crystal malt flavor leaning towards a metallic note. There is a slight cider character as well that gives the beer a light acidic / sour character

Anchor San Franpsycho (74)

Tastes like an artificial sweetener. Like a liquid pez. Not a lot of bitterness. Does have some lemon flavor. Very low malt. Despite it tasting like candy it doesn't actually have a lot of sweetness. Finishes medium dry.

Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood (85)

Blood orange citrus upfront with a mild tartness that continues into the finish. Moderate carbonation helps put the tartness with medium bittering hops. A light underling biscuit malt presence but that isn't sweet. Not balanced and leans towards the bitter, tart, astringent side.

New Holland Tangerine Space Machine (92)

Initial impression: tangerine. Mid-palate: tangerine. Finish: tangerine. Aftertaste: wait for it…tangerine. A light herbal spicy character similar to white pepper appears as it starts to warm. Creates a nice complexity. Not a lot of beer flavor comes through.

Moksa Brewing Pineapple SUPERFUZZ (93)

The pineapple slips right into the citrusy tropical-fruit flavor (orange, mango, papaya, coconut) of the hops. It’s a little distinctive because it’s riper than the usual pineapple character. It also adds a balancing tartness that goes well with the lemon/orange citrus. Could use more carbonation to accentuate some of the brighter flavors.