15 of the Best Sweet Stouts, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout (87)

"A very light roasty coffee aroma offers brief flashes of vanilla and caramel. The sip is confidently sweet without pushing too far as light earthy hops keep a tight rein, but the hefty perception of body gives it a richness well above its weight class."

Garage Brewing Marshmallow Milk Stout (90)

"Gobs of marshmallow on the nose leave no room for subtlety; as it warms, a lightly spiced cream-soda note emerges. The sip is moderately sweet; the light body seems confused by what's expected from it. Finishes with a lingering toasty caramel-vanilla note."

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal (91)

"Faint smoke and roast in the nose with thin dark-chocolate notes. Light body shows a touch of ashiness as the sip progresses, but a hit of sharp dark chocolate sweeps through toward the finish to clean it up."

Parish Brewing Rêve Coffee Stout (91)

"Fruity coffee notes evoke berries and solid dark chocolate. Sip is round, enveloping; a creamy hint of vanilla holds it together. Luxurious and rich despite mid-strength, with the right sweetness to blunt the roasty edges."

12 West Brewing Midnight Run (92)

"Nutty, caramel-forward coffee notes on the nose present intensely with apparent sweetness but the sip doesn’t indulge. Light and nimble, despite the strong coffee and roast."

The Brew Kettle Kitka (92)

"Light coconut and milk chocolate on the nose is a touch thin but inviting. The sip launches with a sharp edge of carbonation, but the tame roast malt allows the flavors to push forward. Highs and high mids overpower any deeper or richer notes."

Birds Fly South Nights Like These (93)

"Red fruit, bread pudding, oatmeal cookies with dried cherries—rich caramel and fruit notes offer a distinctive nose. A light yet rich body satisfies without the need for additional malt heft."

Two Roads Brewing Espressway Coffee Stout (93)

"Gorgeous, expressive coffee nose, lightly crossed by toast and caramel in a broad swath. Lean, sparing sip, with resounding roast-coffee notes—a treat for the coffee-obsessed."

East Brother Beer Oatmeal Stout (94)

"Subdued floral, apple, and cherry notes in the nose. The sip is visually thin but round on the tongue, with more red fruit and an unabashed embrace of layered malt sweetness that's kept in check by just a touch of mild roast and a prickly carb. Comforting."

Vitamin Sea Brewing Seven Bells and All's Well (95)

"Medium-roast coffee on the nose, clean and direct, rounded by a vanilla touch. Big, bold sip with chocolate, hefty coffee roast, and lingering mid-palate caramel alongside roast bitterness. Rich but not decadent."

Starr Hill Brewery Little Red Roostarr (96)

"Earthy, slightly peppery note in the nose with a touch of chocolate. On the sip, it's lower carbed for a softer approach, with cool-toned chocolate notes and more peppery coffee."

2nd Shift Brewing Chico's Revenge (96)

"Nose of dark toast and chocolate wafer offers dark Maillard richness along with some nuttiness. The sip edges the sweet line without tumbling over it, cranking up dark chocolate and mocha with a nutty umami richness."

Firestone Walker Nitro Merlin Milk Stout (98)

"Pour and just watch it for 5–10 minutes before taking a sip—the sheer joy of the soft and creamy head persisting indefinitely is palpable. The nose is subtle with gentle spice reminiscent of chai and very lightly roasted coffee, with bits of caramel apple and marshmallow. The sip is masterful, gently rolling in without so much as a hint of a sharp, dark malt edge, redefining ‘smooth’ and ‘creamy’ in the process. As it sits on the tongue, the spice emerges, softly, with luxurious milk and dark chocolate notes that feel crafted to a soft hand, like leather worked by a master tanner—structured and strong, but comfortably worn."