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Citrum IPA Recipe

Brewed with lemon zest and juniper berries, this American IPA is a deep golden yellow and has the aroma of citrus, fresh-cut herbs, and pine.

Ian Clark 2 years ago


From day one, BRU’s founder, brewer, and chef Ian Clark approached his beers with a culinary mindset. When he first crafted this flagship beer, his wife, Bryce, dubbed his beers “chef beers,” or ingredient-focused beers brewed with spices, herbs, roots, and unexpected adjuncts. “I like to take the things that I taste in beer and accentuate those flavors,” Clark says. “The Cascade hops in an American IPA are citrusy and piney so I added freshly zested lemons and juniper berries to bring out those flavors.”


OG: 1.062
FG: 1.010
Estimated IBUs: 80
ABV: 7.2%


6 lb (2.72 kg) 2-row malt
4 lb (1.81 kg) Pale ale malt
1 lb (0.45 kg) Crystal 45 malt
8 oz (227 g) Dextrine malt
8 oz (227 g) Corn sugar (Dextrose)


1 oz (28 g) Cascade at 60 minutes
1 oz (28 g) Chinook at 45 minutes
1.5 oz (42.5 g) Cascade at 30 minutes
1 tsp (5 ml) Irish moss at 10 minutes
1 tsp (5 ml) Yeast nutrient at 10 minutes
0.50 oz (14 g) Cascade at 5 minutes
0.25 oz (7 g) Fresh lemon zest at 5 minutes
0.25 oz (7 g) Crushed juniper berries at 5 minutes
1 oz (28 g) Cascade at dry hop (1 week)


Mash in at 149°F (65°C) for 1 hour. Boil for 60 minutes, making additions as noted.


Wyeast 1056 American Ale

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Recipe is built to yield a batch size of 5 gallons (19 liters) and assumes 72% brewhouse efficiency unless otherwise noted.