Corn Sugar, a common trade name for dextrose (dextrorotary glucose), a monosaccharide, derived from corn. It is also known as glucose. Corn sugar is a highly refined white sugar that shows no corn (maize) character. Glucose is a hexose type sugar with a group of six carbon atoms. Glucose is one of the most common sugars in nature and is the sugar carried in the human bloodstream.

Commercially available corn sugar is made by hydrolysis of corn starch by acids or exogenous enzymes. As a simple sugar, it is easily fermented by yeast and can be used as an adjunct in brewing, usually by addition to the kettle. It generally ferments out completely, leaving no sweetness behind, and is therefore widely used to make beers with dry flavor profiles or to avoid cloying residual sugar in stronger beers. It is also used as a reliable priming sugar for bottle conditioning and cask conditioning.