Target (Hop), also known as Wye Target, is an English bittering hop that was released for commercial cultivation in 1972. It was developed by Dr Ray Neve of Wye College in 1965 from Northern Brewer and Eastwell Golding. See eastwell golding (hop), northern brewer (hop), and wye college. Because of the catastrophic effect of verticillium wilt on Fuggle plantings in Kent in the early 1970s, there was a great demand for wilt-resistant, high-alpha-acid varieties at the time. Developing such a hop was the “target” of the breeding program, and Wye Target was the result. Target has an alpha acid content of 11%, which makes it very suitable as a bittering hop, although some brewers also like the hop’s floral notes, especially during dry hopping. See dry hopping. This hop also has an unusually high geraniol oil content, which results in a floral flavor. Target can be used for almost all beer styles, although it is considered too harsh for light lagers. It is particularly popular as a bittering hop for stouts and porters. After its release in 1972, it soon made up about half of all hop plantings in the UK. It has since declined somewhat in popularity but is still today the third most widely grown hop in the UK. One of the hop’s drawbacks is its relatively low stability in storage, which also makes it difficult to schedule for pelleting.