Get Bent: The Rising Trend of Yoga in Craft Breweries

Yoga and beer are two effective ways to improve your health, so it’s only natural they’ve teamed up to create a powerhouse of wellness.

Libby Murphy Jun 16, 2016 - 5 min read

Get Bent: The Rising Trend of Yoga in Craft Breweries Primary Image

None of us should be too surprised to hear that some very savvy breweries are teaming up with yoga instructors to bring us what I think is one of the most clever ways to get healthy and reduce stress: yoga in breweries. I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for the past eight years and have tried a variety of styles (my favorite is vinyasa), studios (I prefer private yoga studios), and instructors (I’m not saying who’s my favorite. Nice try!). But enjoying a craft beer after yoga? Sign me up!

Why Breweries?

Breweries already have a relaxed, fun vibe. You go there to socialize, to try some killer brews, to hang out with people who want to talk beer with you. Why not take it the extra step and get fit while you’re at it? Instead of wood flutes mixed with the sounds of whales mating, many instructors play rock and hip-hop, depending on the overall theme of the brewery, adding to the overall ambiance of the sounds of the machinery and the aroma of yeast.

If you try chatting up your classmates and drinking a beer in a traditional studio, it’s probably not going to fly with the class that’s trying to run after the one you were just in. Many traditional classes are taught in quiet dark rooms, and the students are encouraged to focus on inner reflections to go with the movements. In the brewery classes, it’s much more of a community vibe, and likely not as quiet.

Who’s Doing It?

The cool thing about yoga in breweries is that it’s attracting people who might not have stepped foot into a yoga studio before. So people who are already at the brewery for a pint might see the class happening in the brew room, think it looks like fun, and see how relaxed and happy everyone looks after. Next time, they decide to join—they’re among friends after all!


Many breweries report their classes had about 50 percent men in attendance, which is usually not the case in traditional yoga classes. Conversely, women who are drawn more to yoga than beer will have the opportunity to try new craft brews. It’s win-win.

And of course those who are already practicing yoga, who are quite good at it, will be in attendance. After class, buy them a pint and ask for pointers on how they nailed their on-point poses.

What are the Benefits?

I think most of us have heard many of the benefits of yoga: awesome stress relief, improved flexibility and strength, and reduction of existing aches and pains, among many others. What’s not to love about that? But you might be surprised to learn the health benefits of beer (yes, you read that right): increased bone density, prevention of dementia, reduced risk of cardiovascular conditions, and even anti-cancer properties. And let’s not forget stress relief.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price will vary by market and by brewery. Most drop-in yoga classes I’ve come across run $10–20, depending on the discipline of yoga, the level of instructor, and the school itself. For that price equipment is included if you don’t own your own, and of course you get 45–60 minutes of yoga instruction.

The average price I’ve found for yoga at breweries is $15, and most of those include a pint of beer (although some do not) and mats (but check ahead of time just in case). While it might be tempting to choose a class based on price alone, this is your health, so you should also weigh in the discipline of yoga being practiced and try a few classes to see if you mesh well with the instructor’s style. Just like every stout you drink won’t be exactly the same, the same can be said for the instructors who lead the classes.

Where Do I Sign Up?

I’ve been able to find yoga in breweries in small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between. Do a Google search, and see what comes up. If you don’t find something nearby, don’t be afraid to chat up your favorite brewery or yoga teacher. Chances are, they’d be willing to try it out!

Grab your best friend, roll out your mat, and grab a pint. Namaste.

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