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Recipe: Schell’s Star of the North Berliner Weisse

This is a homebrew-scale recipe for Schell’s base Berliner weisse recipe, a traditionally brewed, mixed-culture take on the style.

Jace Marti Jul 26, 2021 - 4 min read

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“There is nothing wrong with kettle-sour beers,” says Jace Marti, assistant brewmaster at August Schell in New Ulm, Minnesota. “But I think trying to produce a classically made, mixed-fermentation version is absolutely worth attempting.”

Brett is really what differentiates a classic example of the style from a kettle-soured version—and it’s why Berliner weisse earned the nickname ‘Champagne of the North,’” Marti says. “Brett lends a distinctly complex, fruity, and floral aroma that you cannot get with regular yeast. It also makes for a drier beer, as Brett breaks down some—but not all—of the more complex sugars in the beer. Combined with an elevated level of carbonation—also partly as a result of Brett—it’s easy to see how it drew comparisons to champagne.”

For much more on Schell’s traditional, mixed-fermentation approach to the style, see Jace Marti of Schell’s Goes Deep on Authentic Berliner Weisse.

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