Make It: Slow Churn Milkshake IPA

Missing summer already? This creamy, sweet milkshake IPA might bring it back.

Monday Night Brewing Oct 15, 2019 - 3 min read

Make It: Slow Churn Milkshake IPA Primary Image

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Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters)
Brewhouse efficiency: 90%
OG: 1.0689
FG: 1.0149–1.0177
IBUs: 50
ABV: about 7.2%


6.8 lb (3.1 kg) Pilsner
1.7 lb (771 g) rolled oats
2.2 lb (998 g) white wheat
11 oz (312 g) honey malt



0.26 oz (7 g) Simcoe [13% AA] at FWH
1 lb (454 g) lactose at 10 minutes
0.81 oz (23 g) Citra [14% AA] at whirlpool
0.81 oz (23 g) Ekuanot [15% AA] at whirlpool
0.31 oz (9 g) Mosaic [13% AA] at whirlpool

Dry-Hop Schedule
1 oz (28 g) each Citra [14% AA] and Mosaic [13% AA] 1–2 days into fermentation
1 oz (28 g) each Citra and Mosaic 3 days into fermentation
2 oz (57 g) each Citra and Mosaic after the yeast drops


Wyeast 1318 London Ale III


Mash the grains at 164°F (73°C) for 45 minutes. Stabilize the temperature at 154°F (68°C). The pH should be 5.25. Vorlauf until your runnings are clear, then run off into the kettle. Don’t forget to add the first wort hops as you fill your kettle. Sparge the grains and top up as necessary to obtain 6 gallons (23 l) of wort—or more, depending on your evaporation rate. Boil for 75 minutes following the hops and additions schedule.

After the boil, chill the wort to slightly below fermentation temperature, about 66°F (19°C). Aerate the wort and pitch the yeast.

Ferment at 66°F (19°C), following the dry-hop schedule.