Summer Session Pilsner Czech Pale Lager Recipe

This might seem like just another hoppy session beer, but the regionally authentic ingredients do tend to come through even in the face of atypical hops.

Josh Weikert Feb 10, 2019 - 3 min read

Summer Session Pilsner Czech Pale Lager Recipe Primary Image


Batch Size: 5 gallons (19 liters)
Brewhouse efficiency: 73%
OG: 1.038
FG: 1.009
IBUs: 36
ABV: 3.8%


6 lb (2.7 kg) Floor-malted Pilsner malt
12 oz (340 g) Biscuit malt
4 oz (113 g) acidulated malt


1.9 oz (54 g) Saaz [4% AA] at 60 minutes
1 oz (28 g) Saaz [4% AA] at 15 minutes
1 oz (28 g) Saaz [4% AA] at flameout


Wyeast 2278 (Czech Pils) Yeast


Mill the grains and mix with 2.2 gallons (8.3 l) of 163°F (73°C) strike water to reach a mash temperature of 152°F (67°C). Hold this temperature for 60 minutes. Vorlauf until your runnings are clear, then run off into the kettle. Sparge the grains with 5 gallons (19 l) of water and top up as necessary to obtain 6 gallons (23 l) of wort. Boil for 60 minutes, following the hops schedule.

After the boil, chill the wort to slightly below fermentation temperature, about 50°F (10°C). Aerate the wort with pure oxygen or filtered air and pitch the yeast.

Ferment at 52°F (11°C) for 3–7 days (depending on your refrigeration availability). Then let the temperature rise to 60°F (16°C) and hold for about two weeks. Cold crash the beer to 35°F (2°C), then bottle or keg and carbonate to approximately 2.5 volumes.


You have lots of hopping options in this style, and this can be a great time to clear out your leftover hops or try out a new variety that you haven’t used before! The simple but rich grainy background of the grist and the cleanliness of the yeast/fermentation allows for a lot of hops expression. Have fun with it, and know that if you don’t nail the flavor you wanted, a 3.8 percent session lager won’t take long to move through your taps.