The Next Big Flex in Homebrewing

Spike Brewing launches a small-batch, 5-gallon fermenter.

Spike Brewing (Sponsored) Apr 4, 2019 - 3 min read

The Next Big Flex in Homebrewing Primary Image

The Spike FLEX was designed for brewers looking to take a step up from a carboy, newer brewers or those with tighter budgets or smaller spaces. A small-batch, 5-gallon fermenter, the FLEX was designed with versatility in mind. For many brewers, harvesting yeast or a dedicated sample port may not be needed and are not ready to take a jump to a Spike unitank. The FLEX is that perfect fit in between those pro-style conical unitanks and a glass carboy or plastic bucket fermenters.

The base FLEX model features include sanitary welded 1.5” tri-clamp fittings, a liquid crystal stick-on thermometer, a three-piece valve and ⅝” quick-connect racking arm, which rotates for crystal clear beer transfers. The domed, five-clip lid holds 2 PSI and includes an airlock, bung and a 4" tri-clamp port. What’s perhaps most notable, though, is that more than 20 accessories can be added to the FLEX to control temperatures, pressure transfer and carbonate.

An upgraded version of the FLEX, aptly named the FLEX+, will also be available. The biggest selling feature to the FLEX+ is its high-pressure lid and v-band clamp that holds up to 15 PSI so you can primary, secondary, brite and pressure transfer! Additional FLEX+ accessories include a butterfly valve and tri-clamp racking arm, as well as the lid’s 1.5” tri-clamp blow-off barb. The high-pressure lid will also be sold as an ‘a la carte’ accessory so it can be added to the FLEX at a later date for those looking to grow into their new fermenter.

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