The Top-Rated IPAs at CB&B

Here are the 100-rated IPAs from our blind-tasting panel

The Top-Rated IPAs at CB&B Primary Image

Reviewing craft beer may sound like a dream job, but our tasting and review panel takes the role seriously. Composed entirely of Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judges who have all studied, trained, and been tested on their ability to discern characteristics in beer, our panel is independent. The panel tastes all beer blindly—they do not know what brands and beers they are tasting until the tasting is complete. Here are all of the IPAs that have scored 100 over the history of the magazine.


1. Green - Tree House Brewing

Location: Charlton, Massachusetts ABV: 7.5%

What our panel thought: “This beer is great—so full of juicy fruit flavors. Fluffy and light without sacrificing body. Great showcase of the hops. The low bitterness is just enough to make it an IPA. A juicy, fruity, hazy, chewy IPA that’s an excellent example of what new-school IPA can be.”


2. Dinner – Maine Beer Company

Location: Freeport, Maine ABV: 8.2%

What our panel thought: “The blend of hops with the malt to balance make this a really solid DIPA. A really wonderful beer that showcases the hops. It’s tight, refined, clean, crisp, dry, and juicy with absolutely nothing taking the spotlight away from the beautiful blend of hops.”

Double Sunshine IPA

3. Double Sunshine – Lawson's Finest Liquids

Location: Waitsfield, Vermont ABV: 8%

What our panel thought: “Close to perfect. All about the hops. Malt stands back and supports. Very good display of the fruit character in the hops balancing the hop bitterness. It had some sexiness to it. It’s fantastic.”

Weldwerks-Juicy-Bits-DDH Issue 16 reviews 737 6x8-web

4. Double Dry-Hopped Juicy Bits - Weldwerks Brewing Co.

Location: Greeley, Colorado ABV: 6.7%

What our panel thought: “Beer will never get better than this, and it’s one of the best beers I’ve ever had. This would be a good gateway IPA if you don’t like a lot of bitterness and want to start drinking IPAs. This beer is so juicy, that if I were a sailor, I would take this beer on my voyages to stave off scurvy. It is as close to perfect as we’ve tasted.”

New Anthem Songs Unsung 19-05-24 CBB reviews-152 6x10

5. Songs Unsung - New Anthem Brewing

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina ABV: 7.5%

What our panel thought: "The appearance of this beer begs the name to have the word ‘cloud’ in it. Deep golden haze with a billowy head. Wonderful nose with a blend of citrus and tropical fruits. Compelling flavor profile filled with a blend of orange, peach, pineapple, and guava. Soft pillowy body with a more assertive finish that brings some bitterness to the table to scrub the palate for another sip. Slight hops burn. Pretty awesome beer for which we would gladly regularly reserve a spot in our fridge."

Alter Ego

6. Alter Ego – Tree House Brewing

Location: Charlton, Massachusetts ABV: 6.8%

What our panel thought: “The beautiful hazy, deep gold color and fluffy white head are inviting, and the fruity, slightly earthy aroma are nice, but it’s the balanced flavor that really makes this beer shine. The weight on the tongue, the carbonation, and the individual flavors play well together, and the bitterness and malt sweetness are perfectly aligned to make this dangerously drinkable. A well-executed IPA. I'm having a hard to time writing enough effusive praise for this beer because I can’t put down my sample glass.”

 Union Jack  IPA

7. Union Jack – Firestone Walker Brewing

Location: Paso Robles, California ABV: 7.5%

What our panel thought: “Very nice, complex IPA showcasing tropical, piney hops in addition to citrus. Somewhat perfume-like in its floral quality. Unique IPA that stands out as one that takes chances and succeeds.”

Burton Baton

8. Burton Baton – Dogfish Head

Location: Milton, Delaware ABV: 10%

What our panel thought: “It’s complex but not overwhelming and rich but not cloying. This is a fantastic beer—a delicious, end-of-the-night, watch The Godfather and fall asleep on the couch kind of beer.”

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