Unhinge Your Brand with a Story-Label

Every beer has a story to tell. Now, with Story-Label™, you have more room to tell it.

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Century Printing and Packaging in Greer, South Carolina, has built a strong reputation for dependable, durable, and high-performing labels for craft beer, nutraceuticals, and CBD products. The family-owned business produced more than 380 million labels in 2019. Century is constantly innovating, researching, and trying to improve upon its proven products. Their creative drive has led to the development and production of a very cool craft beer label. The Story-Label™ is a craft beer label like no other.

Behind every craft beer, there is a great story. Whether it’s tied to its indigenous roots/origin and how it all got started, the type of beer (IPA, stout, lager, wheat, etc.), its community of origin—family-owned, employee-owned—or how the name came about, there is a story waiting to be told. Nothing communicates or resonates with consumers and customers like a story. Every person, town, company, product, sports team, family, and friend has a story to tell.

Unfortunately, telling your story on a beer label can seem like an insurmountable challenge because of space limitations. You spend a lot of money, research, time, and energy developing an eye-catching label to go on a great product, but due to legal labeling requirements (nutrition information, alcohol percentage, place of origin, etc.,), you have to give up much-needed space to tell your story and promote your brand.

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But what if there was a label that would meet the legal requirements for craft beer and offer twice the space to tell your story? Imagine if you could “unhinge your brand™” with a Story-Label™ and provide a personal touch for consumers. Century Printing & Packaging developed these innovative labels after hearing great stories from clients and other craft brewers. The groundbreaking creative label provides craft breweries with more space to tell their story. Imagine a consumer sitting at home, or in a bar with your beer, with the ability to unfold the beer label and read your story.

These high-quality labels perform in cold and wet conditions. The flexographic labels ensure stunning colors and graphic details of your product stand out from the competition. Because the plates are made in-house, the turnaround time for these cutting-edge labels is fast—whether you are running a few thousand or several hundred thousand. The ink used in the process is a proven water-based product that is environmentally friendly. This is a craft beer label like no other.

The Story-Label™ is a powerful, customized brand marketing tool that allows you to provide engaging content for consumers and attract a bigger following for your product. What if you could feature your employees on different labels like your Master Brewer, the owner, their family story, or something funny? What if your craft beer has a cool brand play with a mascot like a parrot, or bulldog? You could feature the story of the mascot with engaging content about your brewery.

The label is like a door on hinges. You can “Unhinge Your Brand™” and tell your story when the consumer opens it. Imagine gathering a loyal following of your labels being collected and posted in man-caves, garages, or collected like bottle caps, or cans. Your fall (Octoberfest, Harvest, Winter) seasonal brews could be promoted in a way like never before. The possibilities are endless for creating engaging content driving your brand for consumers and building a loyal following. Century-Printing-Packaging-9

About the top photo: Fireforge Crafted Beer in Greenville, South Carolina, is the first craft brewery to try the new Story-Label™. It is only fitting that an Upstate Craft Brewery is the first to launch the new label. (Test label pictured, not the finished product label.) Century-Printing-Packaging-6

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