Canning A Hazy IPA (Video Tip)

The brewers at Industrial Arts show off their canning line and talk about all the important steps that must be taken before packaging a hazy IPA.

Jeff O’Neil Apr 23, 2019

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After fermentation but before enjoyment, the packaging process for a hazy IPA is perhaps the most important. Jeff O’Neil of Industrial Arts talks about his brewery's canning line and all the staff does to ensure that the beer that reaches the consumer is in peak condition.

About the course:

Brewing Industrial Arts Wrench IPA

Industrial Arts Brewing Founder Jeff O’Neil takes you from grain to glass with their most popular beer, Wrench IPA. This course includes more than 70 minutes of video and the recipes for Wrench IPA and Tools of the Trade Pale Ale.

After a career spent at the helm of other breweries, Jeff O’Neil opened his own in 2016 in New York’s Hudson Valley. Industrial Arts Brewing Co. is simple yet impressive, the culmination of a career in brewing that led to the opening of a brewer’s brewery. In this video course, Jeff takes you from grain to glass, brewing their most popular beer, Wrench IPA - this course covers:

  • The history of Industrial Arts
  • How Wrench was conceived
  • The visual story of Wrench
  • Mashing, boiling, and fermenting Wrench
  • Packaging Wrench
  • Support equipment to brew better beer
  • Selecting hops
  • and much more

This course also includes the recipes for Industrial Arts Wrench IPA and Industrial Arts Tools of the Trade Pale Ale.