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Video Tip: Managing Your Fermentation Temperature to Better Beer

Taylor Caron is here to talk about brewing high gravity beers and in this video tip of the week discusses how to best manage your temperature to make the best possible ales and lagers.

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® contributor Taylor Caron covers everything you need to know about high gravity and high alcohol brewing, fermenting, and packaging. Whether you've encountered a stuck fermentation, incomplete fermentation, missing your original gravity, low carbonation, or other problems associated with brewing high alcohol beers, Taylor has the answer for you.

This week he talks about tools and tips you can use to properly control your temperature. From techincal tools to DIY home remedies, Caron has the information you need to make sure that your fermention temperature is on point and ready to help make a truly great beer.

Brewing a high-gravity all-grain beer can be a challenge, and getting it right requires some forethought and planning. These beers typically involve original gravities of 1.080 or higher, which means you may be using double the amount of grain (or more) that you typically brew with. Not only does this push the limited capacity of your mash tun, but it also lowers the efficiency of your brewing system. Join Taylor Caron as he walks you through everything from recipe development through fermentation and packaging your next high gravity beer. Taylor offers advice on:

  • Recipe considerations
  • Alternate mashing techniques
  • Hopping
  • Yeast selection
  • Boil considerations
  • High gravity fermentation
  • Carbonation and packaging
  • and much more

This course is complete with 4 recipes and tips from the experts at The Bruery.

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