Bring Out the Imp Stout Recipe

Joe Reynolds, director of research and development at Southern Tier (Lakewood, New York), shared this imperial stout recipe.

Oct 25, 2016 - 2 min read

Bring Out the Imp Stout Recipe Primary Image


OG: 1.092
FG: 1.024
Est IBUs: 50
Est ABV: 9.4%


12 lb (5.44 kg) 2-row or other pale base malt
2 lb, 2 oz (964 g) crystal 60 malt
2 lb, 2 oz (964 g) Crisp chocolate malt
12 oz (340 g) debittered black malt
1 lb, 10 oz (737 g) flaked oats
0.50 lb (227 g) rice hulls (optional, but highly recommended)


1.25 oz (35 g) Magnum at 90 minutes.
3 oz (85 g) Willamette at 0 minutes.


Saccharification rest at 155°F (68°C) for 60 minutes. Boil for 90 minutes. Ferment at 67–72°F (19–22°C) for 10 days (or until gravity stabilizes).


An American Ale Yeast such as Safale US-05, White Labs WLP001, or Wyeast 1056


If possible, opt for softer water to facilitate a rounder mouthfeel. The rice hulls are optional but will help prevent a stuck mash, especially with the significant weight of oats. If you’re using dry yeast, consider making a pitch starter with rehydrated yeast and ~250ml of 8°P wort made from DME the night before your brew day.

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