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Welcome to the world of Japanese craft beer.

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Yuzu, matcha, bonito...

Ever tried a beer that uses those ingredients?

In various parts of Japan there are breweries using ingredients like those to create beers that are not only unique, but also easy to drink.

How is this possible?


From Top Left, clockwise:Kiuchi Brewery, Karuizawa Brewery, Kizakura, Kiuchi Brewery, Waku Waku Tezukuri Farm Kawakita, Coedo Brewery

Sake Tradition for Crafting Unique Beer

Let’s take, for example, a beer made by a brewery that has also been producing sake for many years.

As we know, one of the most important factors in deciding the flavor and style of beer is water, and the beautifully soft water used for sake can help to create a soft and delicate flavor in beer.

Another essential component in making beer is the yeast. Since yeast is alive, the management of temperature and humidity requires delicate techniques. The craftsmen who have been making sake for many years are specialists in handling such yeast.

Knowing the very best state for beer, and being able to ascertain the constantly changing state of the yeast, these craftsmen can create beers that perfectly balance fragrance and flavor.

Because the craftsmen are able to touch the ingredients, observe them, taste them with their own tongues, and can feel the scent and sound with their sharpened five senses, a unique yet easy-to-drink Japanese craft beer is born.


Miyazaki Hideji Beer

Promotional events to enjoy these beers, which showcase Japanese craftsmanship, will unfold in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland starting in December.

Breweries from all over Japan, from north to south, will participate. These beers can be enjoyed in select breweries, brewpubs, and in Japanese and other types of restaurants in those cities.


Sekinoichi Sake & Beer Brewery

Now let’s toast to Japanese craft beer... Cheers!

The official Facebook and Instagram pages will introduce all the participating breweries and their beers, in addition to new information about the promotions. Be sure to check them out!




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