Editors’ Picks: Hard Seltzer

Here are a few standouts from the rapidly evolving world of fruit-forward fermented beverages.

Craft Beer & Brewing Staff Jan 16, 2021 - 3 min read

Editors’ Picks: Hard Seltzer Primary Image

Great Divide White Water Ruby Red

Crisp grapefruit slice on the nose with a real fruit quality segues into a very light sip with immaculately balanced grapefruit flavor. Smooth despite the lack of sugar (2g carbs), invisible alcohol content, perfectly clear, bone dry, convincing natural fruit flavor, perfectly balanced, and no distracting fermentation remnants—it’s exactly what we’re looking for in this type of beverage.
ABV: 5%
Cal: 110
Loc: Denver, Colorado

Boulevard Quirk Strawberry, Lemon & Basil

An endearing and nostalgic strawberry-lemon-candy nose transitions to a sip that reads as sweet without actually being sweet (3g carbs)—a decadent magic act. It’s crisp with gorgeously stacked lemon and strawberry flavor notes off the top, grounded by a mixologist-approved touch of basil, for a surprisingly nuanced take on hard seltzer.
ABV: 4.2%
Cal: 90
Loc: Kansas City, Missouri

Itz Spritz Elderflower Citrus

More canned cocktail than hard seltzer, it’s not a low-calorie play by any stretch, but the striking flavor captures a compelling natural brightness and polished, integrated, sweet/tart citrus note. “Layered” and “nuanced” aren’t terms typically associated with hard seltzer, but Itz Spritz offers sophisticated and confident yet accessible flavors sure to please discerning palates and everyday drinkers alike.
ABV: 4.2%
Cal: 140
Loc: Memphis, Tennessee

Untitled Art Florida Seltzer

While much of the seltzer-brewing world is pressed in a race to the bottom line, we’ve patiently watched for a quality argument with a commensurate craft price point. At $17 retail for a six, Florida Seltzer is truly twice the price of the competition, but the subtle yet vivid real-fruit nose claws back an advantage for team craft. With all of the pleasure of guava nectar and prickly pear in a tight and clean (but opaque and juicy) package, it’s refined yet energetic in the best of ways.
ABV: 5%
Cal: 100
Loc: Madison, Wisconsin