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Editors’ Picks: Red & Amber Ales

Whether they’re smooth, malty throwbacks or hop-drenched progressives in crimson tuxedos, here are some of the best American amber and red ales we know.

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Recipe: Training Bines Hazy IPA

The Cellarmaker Training Bines IPA that we named one of our Best 20 Beers in 2022 was one of five that came from five different breweries in an unusual collaboration project. Now, you can brew it on your own system.

Five on Five: Fruit(ed) Beer

If “fruit beer” was once a niche style, it has since evolved into something much more significant, absorbing other traditions along the way to become a vibrant celebration of some of the most popular flavors on Earth. Here are five picks from the pros.

Infographic: Brewery Density, State By State

Here, we plot state populations against the number of breweries in each state, to get insight into which have the most and fewest breweries per capita.

Five on Five: Stout & Porter

There are many shades of black, and there are many stripes of porter and stout. If Guinness Draught remains widely popular yet barrel-aged beasts are what excite the geeks today, what do the brewers themselves prefer? Here are five pro picks.

Pick Six: Teri Fahrendorf Versus the World

One of the most accomplished brewmasters in America and founder of the Pink Boots Society, dedicated to supporting women in the beer industry, Teri Fahrendorf shares six beers and memories from a career of defying expectations. Although recently retired from brewing, she’s not done with Pink Boots or with continuing to leave her mark on beer.

Editors’ Picks: Historical Hindsight and Helpful Haulers

From a trick new cooler to deep-dive books into gluten-free brewing and lambic history, here are some picks to kick off the new year.

Five on Five: India Pale Ale

IPAs have become the driving force and signature style family of American craft beer, now available in a wide spectrum of forms, flavors, and strengths. But which ones do the pros prefer? Here are five of their picks.

Infographic: The Biggest Craft Brands Now

Here are the top 30 craft brands based on total dollar sales within IRI-tracked sales channels over the preceding 52 weeks ending on May 15, 2022.

The Best 20 Beers in 2022

Here are those rarest of drinks—products of studious craftsmanship and persistent tinkering, balancing great character with great drinkability. Once again, here are the pinnacles of the craft.