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Hops on the NYC Skyline

New York City is about to have its first community Farm Craft Beer Brewery.

4 years ago


New York City is about to have its first community Farm Craft Beer Brewery. A Farm Brewery uses primarily locally grown products — in this case all of the hops will be grown on the rooftops in NYC. Thousands Win co-founders Caleb Freese and Julian Hensarling have developed a new lightweight rooftop growing system that suspends the vines around the load-bearing outer edges of the roof, functioning as both a hop farm and a green roof.

Freese’s and Hensarling’s sights are not only set on beer but on bringing back local farming to NYC’s urban environment. With two years of experience growing hops on NYC roofs, Freese and Hensarling are ready to bring their passion for organic farming to the city skyline.

No green beer, but green rooftops help improve the environment by improving air quality, reducing storm water runoff, protecting buildings from summer heat, and bringing nature back into NYC. Thousands Win is offering 4-month CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) memberships, with the benefit of receiving a reusable growler that can be filled up weekly at locations around the city.

“Raise a glass to raise a roof.” Thousands Win will be starting their IndieGoGo campaign February 17 to help fund crops and high capacity brewing equipment. On February 26 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., 1K founders will be present to talk about rooftop farming, agriculture in NYC, and how design can promote change through simple pleasures — like drinking beer at Building On Bond, 112 Bond St. Read More.