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My Brew System: Joe Smith

Everybody’s brew setup is different, based on a number of factors. We asked our readers to send in their own setups and are excited to share this one with you!

Joe Smith 1 year, 1 month ago


Tell us a little about you - where your from, how you came to love brewing.

I’m from Jarrettsville, MD about 40 minutes north of Baltimore. I tried brewing when I was in college but quickly gave up for two reasons. I didn’t really know what I was doing and at the time I was more interested in quantity than quality. I got back into brewing about four years ago when a coworker offered me a few of his home brews. I was impressed at how good they were and started looking into the hobby again.

What styles of beer do you like to brew?

I like to brew IPAs, Pale Ales, Saisons, Wheat beers, Stouts, Lagers, and more.

How often do you brew?

I like to brew about twice a month.

What is the evolution of your brew system (where did you start and how has it changed to fit your brewing needs)?

The first time I tried it 22 years ago it was on a stove with bucket fermenters. When I got back into it I started with a Picobrew system, then to a 10 gallon Blichman Breweasy, and finally to a 20 gallon electric system from Spike Brewing. When I started brewing again I wanted something automated and easy to use. After brewing in the Pico for a year I decided I wanted to go bigger. It’s been expanding ever since.

What's your current brew system configuration?

It’s a 20 gallon electric herms system from Spike Brewing. I ferment in two 14 gallon SS Brewtech Chronicals and I have an SS Brewtech Brite tank. These are all cooled by the SS Brewtech glycol chiller. I built a 4 tap kegerator and I also have a can seamer for travelers.

What do you plan on adding next?

Depends on the latest gadget coming out. I’m out of control at this point...


Do you have a dream system?

I’ve been checking out nano system by SS Brewtech. Very nice!

What's one item you can't brew without (besides beer)?

Gotta have some music!

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