Podcast Episode 133: New Belgium’s Ross Koenigs Takes an Analytical Approach to Hops and Cannabis

Biotransformation is not just real, it’s measurable, says New Belgium's hops-focused innovation brewer in this deep dive into the mechanics of hops aroma and flavor.

Jamie Bogner May 4, 2020


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Hazy IPA is all the rage, but what’s actually going on when brewers pile pounds per gallon of dry hops into a tank still in active fermentation? It’s one thing to take the idea for a spin in a homebrew-scale fermentor; it’s riskier and costlier to do it in a 15-, 30-, or even 60-barrel setup. So what would happen if you filled a 1,700-barrel fermentor with hazy wort and an enormous pitch of Wyeast London Ale III, then dry hopped with pellets that measure as much as a ton?

New Belgium Brewing, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, reduces the guesswork and risk by taking a highly analytical approach, looking at how compounds in hops undergo transformation through the fermentation and dry-hopping process. In this episode, Ross Koenigs, New Belgium’s Brewing Innovation Specialist, dives deep into what the brewery has learned through extensive, quantitative testing throughout the hopping and biotransformation process. Additionally, he discusses everything from their innovation process, from the challenge of scaling for production; the impacts of lesser-known hops compounds (such as polyfunctional thiols) on hops flavor and aroma; how biotransformation impacts specific hops like Citra, Mosaic, and Chinook; how California ale yeast makes for the perfect biotransforming yeast; and much, much more.

Koenigs is currently working on a book about brewing with Cannabis (that’s capital-C Cannabis the plant, including industrial hemp), and teases some of what New Belgium has learned in developing their groundbreaking beer The Hemperor. The episode closes with a discussion of New Belgium’s new Sour IPA, and the process behind designing a juicy, hazy IPA that is then blended with soured golden ale from New Belgium’s famed foeder forest. Timing and acidity levels are crucial in maintaining ideal hops expression in these beers.

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