Podcast Episode 194: Ryan Crisp of Alesmith is Wired on Coffee Stout

Ryan Crisp, Alesmith’s director of brewing operations, shares the behind-the-scenes design and technique that make their Speedway imperial coffee stout so iconic.

Jamie Bogner Jul 3, 2021 - 5 min read

Podcast Episode 194: Ryan Crisp of Alesmith is Wired on Coffee Stout Primary Image

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Can we spend an entire hourlong episode talking about one beer? You bet we can. In this week’s episode, Alesmith Director of Brewing Operations Ryan Crisp takes us for a few hot laps around the track as we discuss their iconic Speedway Stout. From building a malt base to complement coffee additions, to validating and substituting ingredients and maximizing hop and coffee additions, Crisp walks us through the the vision, ingredients, and techniques that make Speedway such a revered modern classic.

While the recipe hasn’t changed much over the years, the techniques behind the beer certainly have, and the Alesmith pit crew is always looking for ways to improve the beer. “If we weren’t tinkering, we wouldn’t be good brewers,” Crisp says. “We don’t want to change everything, but we want to maintain it.”

With whole-leaf hops, a multi-continent coffee blend, and an unexpected process for adding the coffee, Speedway definitely isn’t your average coffee stout. This episode explores what Alesmith has learned while pushing that red line.

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