Podcast Episode 195: East Brother’s Paul Liszewski Has a License Plate that Says “LAGER”

The head brewer of Northern California’s East Brother Beer shares details on their successful lager program—including the award-winning Bo Pils—and much more.

Jamie Bogner Jul 15, 2021 - 5 min read

Podcast Episode 195: East Brother’s Paul Liszewski Has a License Plate that Says “LAGER” Primary Image

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East Brother Beer in Richmond, California, makes its living by nailing classic styles, including an oatmeal stout in the core range. Naturally they also brew IPA—Gold or Red, take your pick—but their top two sellers are Bo Pils and Red Lager. Their seasonal lager series includes a maibock, Baltic porter, pre-Prohibition lager, and festbier—no wonder head brewer Paul Liszewski’s customized California license plate says “LAGER.”

While its sneakily hop-forward yet balanced Bo Pils is beloved by local drinkers, it also gets respect from peers—including a Great American Beer Festival silver medal in 2019. Chris Coomber and Rob Lightner founded East Brother in 2016; Liszewski joined up in 2017. He says that Bo Pils is still essentially the homebrew recipe that Coomber perfected in his own kitchen—any changes since then have mainly been process tweaks and fine-tuning. (For more about brewing that beer, see Liszewski’s Brewer’s Perspective.)

In this episode, Liszewski digs further into the brewery’s lager program and its approach to brewing consistent crowd-pleasers. Among other topics, he goes deep on Bo Pils—which accounts for about 40 percent of the brewery’s production—as well as Pre-Prohibition Lager, whose classic recipe includes six-row craft malt from Admiral Maltings in Alameda, California, in conjunction with flaked maize. As with the Bo Pils, they didn’t forget the hops—it gets a helthy portion of Cluster to the tune of 38 IBUs.

Tune in for lager talk and much more.

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