Podcast Episode 215: Browar Pinta’s Paweł Maslowski and Bart Ociesa Apply Modern Creativity to Classic Styles

Poland’s Browar Pinta established a reputation for risk-taking in craft styles, focusing on hop-forward IPAs and extending that creative approach to everything from dry-hopped Baltic porter to barrel-aged big beers.

Jamie Bogner Nov 29, 2021 - 6 min read

Podcast Episode 215: Browar Pinta’s Paweł Maslowski and Bart Ociesa Apply Modern Creativity to Classic Styles Primary Image

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American brewers have long been influenced by European brewing traditions, but what happens when European brewers take some of those American twists and apply them to their own beers? Poland’s Browar Pinta answers that question, as the 10-year-old brewery puts a Pacific Northwest hop spin on Baltic porter while embraces hazy New England-style IPAs and barrel-aged imperial stout.

In this episode, managing director Paweł Maslowski and head brewer Bart Ociesa explain the inspirations that have led to dynamic growth for the small brewery, founded in 2011. Along the way, they discuss:

  • Hopping strategy for Baltic porter with American hops
  • Dialing in water with the perfect chloride ratio
  • Keeping pH in the right range to avoid astringency
  • Brewing Grodziskie
  • Balancing bitterness in a sub-3 percent ABV beer with 100 percent smoked malt and 25 IBUs
  • The importance of carbonation
  • The importance of freshness in smoked malt
  • Smoked malt’s flavor impact as a function of overall amount, not percentage
  • Barrel-aging stout and barleywine

And more.

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