Podcast Episode 280: Jon Shari of Little Cottage Makes Big Beers in a Small Way

Making viscous and luxurious dessert stouts is hard enough on systems designed for high-gravity beers, but Jon Shari of Little Cottage takes the challenge one step further, brewing his sought-after mega stouts on a nano scale.

Jamie Bogner Dec 18, 2022 - 5 min read

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Jon Shari of Little Cottage, just east of Atlanta, was an avoid homebrewer who built a reputation for his big, dessert-focused imperial stouts. He built on that momentum to launch his small, taproom-focused brewery in 2021. However, brewing for the taproom remains a small affair, with a very manual 3.5-barrel brewhouse that makes some difficult-to-brew beers even more of a challenge.

In this episode, he discusses the process behind his stouts, from recipe to flavor-adjunct additions, including:

  • dealing with difficult high-gravity fermentations
  • selecting flavorful base malts and specialty malts
  • dialing in finishing gravity to accentuate ingredient flavors
  • taking an ingredient-specific approach to additions

And more.

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