Podcast Episode 281: Three Taverns Applies Belgian-Inspired Creativity to Traditional and Evolving Styles

While Atlanta’s Three Taverns started as a brewery focused on Belgian styles, they’ve taken that same fearless approach to ingredients and processes, along with a determination to make balanced and drinkable beers, and they’ve applied those principles to everything from new-school pils to hazy IPA.

Jamie Bogner Dec 23, 2022 - 5 min read

Podcast Episode 281: Three Taverns Applies Belgian-Inspired Creativity to Traditional and Evolving Styles Primary Image

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Brian Purcell may have founded Atlanta’s Three Taverns nine years ago to focus on Belgian-style beers, but today it’s the spirit of that brewing tradition that informs their approach more than a purely stylistic expression. Creativity balanced with drinkability still drives their brewing decisions, whether that’s brewing an American-hopped modern pils in conjunction with the team from Pivovar Proud (the experimental brewery of Pilsner Urquell), or tackling the expressive fermentation of hazy IPA.

In this episode, Purcell and head brewer Neal Engleman break down these beers, from the knockout-hopped Pils Liberation collaboration (with Citra and Cascade) to their popular hazy IPA. Along the way, they discuss:

  • brewing the collaborative pils with Citra, Cascade, and Saaz hops
  • knockout-hopping the 34/70 fermentation
  • impacts on lager fermentation from aggressive hopping
  • applying lessons learned to other lagers they brew
  • brewing their ninth anniversary English-style barleywine
  • ingredient selection for better mashing with hazy IPA
  • active- versus post-fermentation dry hopping

And more.

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