Podcast Episode 292: David Ringler of Cedar Springs is Focused on the “Original” Hazy Beer—Weissbier

The founder of Cedar Springs Brewing and president of the Michigan Brewer’s Guild asks a fundamental question: Why doesn’t weissbier get more love?

Jamie Bogner Feb 26, 2023 - 6 min read

Podcast Episode 292: David Ringler of Cedar Springs is Focused on the “Original” Hazy Beer—Weissbier Primary Image

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There’s more to German-style beer than just lager, and Cedar Springs Brewing is out to preach the gospel of weissbier to anyone who will listen. Their Küsterer Original Weissbier has a couple GABF medals to its name, and they are dedication to foundational brewing methods, including step-mashing and open fermentation. Combine that with a knack for storytelling that’s necessitated by their focus on the weissbier family—they generally have two or three different weissbiers on tap at any given moment—and you get a brewery experience far different from today’s norm.

In this episode, founder David Ringler discusses the Cedar Springs approach to weissbier, from the historical roots of the style to the choices they’ve made in process and recipe. Along the way, he touches on:

  • building balance and subtlety
  • step-mashing everything
  • designing open fermentors for softer fermentation
  • working through different weissbier yeasts
  • tracking down and brewing historical iterations of weissbier
  • brewing the all-barley take, called dampfbier
  • adjusting fermentation temperatures for ester production

And more.


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