Podcast Episode 299: Lukáš Tomsa of Dva Kohouti Brews the Beer, but the Bartender Makes the Beer

At Dva Kohouti in Prague, Lukáš Tomsa and his team are raising the importance of proper service while balancing traditional lagers with modern ales.

Jamie Bogner Apr 15, 2023 - 7 min read

Podcast Episode 299: Lukáš Tomsa of Dva Kohouti Brews the Beer, but the Bartender Makes the Beer Primary Image

Photo: Joe Stange

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In the trendy Karlín neighborhood of central Prague, the brewpub called Dva Kohouti embodies the merger of the two key elements of Czech beer culture: the brewing and—no less important—the pouring and service. The side-pull taps attached directly to the serving tanks behind the bar are only part of the story.

In this episode recorded at the brewery, head brewer Lukaš Tomsa explains the ideas behind Dva Kohouti, how they brew their traditional lagers and more internationally inspired ales, and how they ensure that the service end completes the job of creating a great beer. Among other topics, he discusses:

  • the importance of pouring and service that respects the product
  • a brewery-taproom concept that gives production and service equal emphasis
  • comparing single- and double-decocted pale lagers
  • fermenting a bit warmer than traditional Czech brewers, to keep diacetyl in check
  • getting natural carbonation by capping the tank during fermentation
  • using decoctions for tart fruit beers and American-style pale ales and IPAs
  • using decoction and raw barley to promote foam in a quick-soured fruit beer
  • paying attention to glassware and draft lines to ensure perfect pours

And more.

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