Seeing the World Through the Lens of Craft Beer

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Jun 23, 2014 - 2 min read

Seeing the World Through the Lens of Craft Beer Primary Image

The Society of Beer Travelers is an online community made for people who enjoy seeking out new regions, cultures, experiences and, of course, local craft beer when they travel. Says Brian Devine, who launched the community, “With almost 3,000 breweries now in the United States alone, you can find locally made craft beer practically anywhere you go. I created the Society so that travelers can record and share their craft beer experiences with their friends, family, and like-minded adventurers.”

"The idea for the Society of Beer Travelers was inspired by the great experiences I have encountered while seeking out local beer during my travels," says Brian. "I found the best way to learn about a new area is to find a brewery and chat with the locals who can tell me all about the region, culture, and the stories behind the beer and brewers while taking me to some incredible places I wouldn’t have visited if not for beer.”

With the growing number of breweries opening up around the country (and the world), there have never been more opportunities to see the world through the lens of craft beer. New members in the community get personalized profile pages to track their travels. They also receive a beer travel starter kit to help them find local craft beer and take notes on their visits. The kit includes a BreweryMap App for mobile devices, a Beer Traveler Passport, and a Society of Beer Travelers t-shirt and stickers.