Video: Troubleshooting Off-Flavors in Your Beer

You can compare your homewbrew to other beers of its style to identify any issues, especially off-flavors.

Generic Brand Human Jan 26, 2017

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One way to get into troubleshooting your beers if you're not comfortable enough in your tasting perception skills is to compare your beer to exisitng samples and styles of that beer. That way you can:

1) determine if the overall flavor profile is what it should be
2) identify off-flavors
3) train up your palate by learning what a classic beer of that style will taste like

Whether you read about off-flavors in our beer reviews, discover one in the beer you’re drinking, or you receive feedback from a judge on your homebrew, you can use those descriptions to understand what might have gone wrong in the beer.

Learn to diagnose, describe, and fix those pesky off flavors with Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®’s online course, Troubleshooting Your Beer. Sign up today!