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Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce Recipe

Vienna lager is the perfect ingredient for this BBQ chicken dish.

Christopher Cina 7 months ago


Active preparation time: 20 minutes
Total time: 95 minutes
Serves: 4–5

1 whole chicken, 3.5–4 lb (1.6–1.8 kg)
¼ cup BBQ spice rub
¼ cup (59 ml) Vienna lager
1½ cup (355 ml) mayonnaise
½ tsp cayenne
¼ cup (59 ml) cider vinegar
½ tsp salt

Cut the chicken into ten pieces (two wings, two legs, two thighs, two breasts, each cut in half to make grilling quicker). In a large mixing bowl, combine the chicken pieces with the BBQ spice and 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of the beer. Mix well.

Allow the chicken to marinate for 1 hour. While the chicken is marinating, make the White BBQ Sauce by combining the remaining beer, mayonnaise, cayenne, cider vinegar, and salt in a mixing bowl. Mix well. Preheat the grill on high. Grill the chicken until cooked through, 10–12 minutes. Brush the chicken with the White BBQ Sauce and serve with extra BBQ sauce on the side.

Beer Suggestions: Samuel Adams Boston Lager (Boston, Massachusetts), Abita Brewing Amber (Abita Springs, Louisiana), Weldwerks Brewing Puesta Del Sol (Greeley, Colorado), or August Schell FireBrick (New Ulm, Minnesota).


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