Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 4.4 IBU: 33

Aroma: 10
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 16
Mouthfeel: 3

New Holland Brewing Company Paleooza

What the brewers say

“Our classic pale ale, with Michigan-grown, Cascade hops. Bright hoppiness and pleasant aromatics are framed with balancing sweetness of pale malts.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Medium-low hops aroma is full of citrus—lemon and tangerine. Fruity esters complement the complex and inviting hops aroma. First hit offered a touch of DMS, but resolved into a pineapple-grapefruit mix.”

Flavor: “Highly carbonated, slightly sharp carbonic bite up front. Balance leans toward malt instead of hops but flavor remains bright through the finish. Grassy hops character with a bit of orange peel and moderate bitterness (but not very strong in the mix). Body is thin and simple and it finishes very dry with a lingering bitterness.”

Overall: “There was a lot of subtle low-level complexity, but it lacks some of the bold qualities that make a great APA, such as a dominant hops character. Hops bitterness lingers in a good way and it’s easy to drink with a light and refreshing finish, but that simplicity can be read as ‘boring,’ depending on your point of view.”



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