Video Tip: All About the Banger Hop Called Riwaka

In this clip from their video course, Hop Butcher for the World cofounder Jude La Rose describes what Riwaka’s unique full-spectrum flavor profile can do for a beer, whether that’s an IPA, a lager, or even a Kölsch.

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Hop Butcher for the World has won a strong following in the Chicago area for juicy IPAs dropping with hop aroma and flavor, and they have earned a strong reputation among fellow brewers nationwide for their intentional approach to selecting and blending different hops for those beers.

In this 86-minute video course, cofounders Jeremiah Zimmer and Jude La Rose go deep on everything hops, including:

  • choosing the right varieties for the beer you want to brew
  • knowing which hops are supporting players and which are the bangers
  • blending different hop varieties for maximum effect
  • rubbing and evaluating hops

And much more.

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