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A Silver Lining For Denver Broncos Fans: Boom! IPA

Coloradoans might not think so highly of the Seattle Seahawks right now, nor can they be pleased with the Broncos after the embarrassing Super Bowl smackdown.

Feb 20, 2014 - 2 min read

A Silver Lining For Denver Broncos Fans: Boom! IPA Primary Image

But at least Coloradoans are saying kind things about Seattle’s brewers—or at least one Seattle brewer.

"Elysian Brewery's Kevin Watson is a wonderfully friendly and beer-passionate guy,” says Marty Jones, a spokesperson for Boulder’s West Flanders Brewing. “He's so cool that we were able to look past that danged Richard Sherman Seahawks' jersey he was wearing while brewing.”

Elysian and West Flanders made a Super Bowl bet last month. The terms:

  • The head brewer for the brewpub of the winning city’s team would be flown to the losing team’s city, at the loser’s expense.
  • The winning brewer would take over the losing brewery’s equipment and staff to brew a beer of his choice.

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