AccuBrew: The Actionable Fermentation Monitoring System (Now with SG!)

Step into the modern era with AccuBrew. We put eyes inside your tanks.

AccuBrew (Sponsored) Mar 14, 2023 - 13 min read

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What is AccuBrew? AccuBrew is an analytical tool that provides brewers with the data required to stay competitive, react quickly to anomalies, and operate efficiently. AccuBrew offers Specific Gravity readings, Temperature alerts, and quick comparisons of batches that provides peace of mind. AccuBrew was designed with breweries and brewers in mind, from the robust sensor package to the intuitive user interface, AccuBrew has you covered 24/7.

AccuBrew is an ever-evolving technology that is making huge strides in the brewing AccuBrew is an ever evolving technology that is making huge strides in the brewing industry. AccuBrew has recently added SPECIFIC GRAVITY to its list of powerhouse data points that help keep your brews on track and consistent. AccuBrew even has its own spokesperson, Will Rye!

With its new SPECIFIC GRAVITY feature, AccuBrew is now more powerful than ever! Thanks to world-class engineers and talented local brewers, AccuBrew is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the brewing industry. And with Will Rye helping answer your questions, AccuBrew is not only a highly functional tool but a fun and friendly addition to your brewing team.

So, how does AccuBrew help brewers?

The data collected by the visible light sensor is securely stored in your cloud account. The data can be shared with collaborators and team members via our mobile apps (The apps look great and are easy to navigate) or online customer portal, giving everyone 24/7 access to every batch no matter where they are. Users can also set gravity and temperature alerts, enter batch notes, compare batches, and schedule reminders.

With AccuBrew, you can rest assured every batch is on track and make timely adjustments to achieve the perfect result every time. Best part? AccuBrew is designed with Brewer’s in mind. The website and mobile apps work great together to store data, export data, and integrate with most of your standard workflow systems brewers are familiar with.

Check out our RESOURCE PAGE to see how AccuBrew can help you save money and time.

AccuBrew's ability to compare batches allows you to confirm the current batch is progressing similarly to the reference batch, and take remedial action when problems arise. Comparison also helps brewers evaluate the effects produced by incremental changes to the process, such as pitch rate or temperature to continuously improve their products and stay competitive.

Continuous improvement requires consistent results; consistent results require good communication, documentation, and data. AccuBrew delivers and protects that information and helps teams communicate effectively to continuously improve.

How It Works

AccuBrew uses visible light to measure the wavelengths reflected – or absorbed - within the liquid. By tracking the absence or return of specific colors, AccuBrew builds a picture of what is and isn’t in the tank. By taking constant measurements AccuBrew monitors changes over time as the fermentation process advances and flocculation occurs. The low intensity, visible light AccuBrew sensor does not emit UV light and will not trigger photo-oxidation.

The CIP ready, stainless steel AccuBrew sensor is a virtually zero maintenance device that never needs calibrating. To operate under a variety of conditions the sensor performs an initial warmup, cleaning, and auto-ranging sequence before every set of measurements. After starting a run, measurements are automatically taken every 15 minutes until the run is stopped by the brewer. This gives brewers a continuous record of the fermentation process.

What Does AccuBrew Detect?

AccuBrew displays four graphs (batch profiles) to interpret and compare: Specific Gravity (SG), Fermentation, Clarity, and Temperature

The Specific Gravity Profile is a visible record of the SG values recorded during the fermentation process. As fermentation progresses, the specific gravity profile trends downward over time. Brewers will use the SG profile along with the Fermentation and Clarity profiles to confirm fermentation is progressing as expected, or is in danger of stalling, and to determine when to initiate rests or make additions.

The Fermentation Activity Profile is a record of the total sugars in solution, both fermentable and non-fermentable. Sugars absorb blue light. As fermentation proceeds, the amount of blue light returning to the sensor increases as the amount of all sugars in the tank decreases and less blue light is absorbed. The Fermentation Activity Profile trends downward over time as fermentation progresses.

The Clarity Profile is unique to AccuBrew. This profile is a record of the number of particles in front of the sensor. Peaks indicate higher concentrations of particulates in front of the detector window. Valleys indicate lower concentrations as yeast, hop particles, and other solids introduced by the addition of cocoa nibs, etc. drop out of suspension and clarity improves. Striations in the wort may also create peaks and valleys as they pass in front of the sensor. The Clarity Profile trends down over time as particles drop out of suspension.

The Temperature Profile is an absolute record of the temperature recorded by the sensor. After the temperature stabilizes, the temperature graph will take on a sawtooth pattern as it records the normal temperature fluctuations in the tank as the glycol system cycles on and off. Users can set custom temperature alerts to protect every tank on the same glycol system in the event of a failure.

In addition to the four graphs, AccuBrew displays at-a-glance percent of change values for all four graphs. The at-a-glance values are the percent of change between the most recent measurements and measurements taken four hours earlier. The percent of change values are the quickest way for a brewer to confirm fermentation is progressing as expected.

It is important to consider why we test gravity. We test gravity because for hundreds of years it was the only tool available. With the AccuBrew Fermentation Activity and Clarity Profiles, brewers will see for the first time how much is really going on inside their tanks, even after we reach the calculated final gravity. While the SG graph will appear smooth, the Clarity graph will appear much more dynamic, illustrating the turbulence, stratification, and movement of the yeast and other particles in the tank.

An important note is the final gravity target value and fermentation time are calculated estimates. Target gravity and time are not hard stops if fermentation remains active. This can lead to under-attenuated products. To produce a finished product, it is important to allow fermentation to complete in its own time. The brewer’s job is to create and maintain a healthy environment in which yeast cells work efficiently.

When a batch misses its final gravity target, takes longer than expected or ends prematurely, the AccuBrew data can be used to compare succeeding batches to the problem batch. Using the AccuBrew Fermentation and Clarity Profiles, along with SG data, brewers monitor and evaluate recipe and process changes to produce properly attenuated beers of the desired gravity in a reasonable time.

This is why we say, step into the modern era of brewing with AccuBrew. We really do put eyes in your tanks.

The Benefits of AccuBrew

Peace of Mind. First and foremost, AccuBrew provides peace of mind. AccuBrew monitors specific gravity, total sugars, clarity, and temperature 24/7. When suddenly gripped by the thought something is wrong, just check your phone, anytime, anywhere.

React Quickly. Currently, brewers test specific gravity once every 24 hours. Now, instead of waiting 24 hours for another manual gravity test and hoping the test was accurate, AccuBrew gives brewers reliable SG test results every 15 minutes. That means 96 opportunities every day to recognize and react sooner to out of range conditions and turn tanks faster.

Consistent Tests; Consistent Results. AccuBrew delivers consistent results brewers can rely on 24/7 to protect their schedules and investment, compare batches, and improve their process and products.

Reduce Manual Testing by 80%. AccuBrew automates all specific gravity tests between the post-boil original gravity test and the final gravity test, reducing manual SG testing by 80%. Just three AccuBrew sensors can save 64 hours per year at a typical brewery. Spend your time on other tasks or take a breather!

Time is Money. Every minute saved means time and money for other projects. Every manual gravity test takes approximately 7 minutes, including prep, sample collection, testing, recording, and cleanup. We have done hundreds of them at AccuBrew. The labor associated with each test is roughly $3.00 per test. At an average brewery, three AccuBrew sensors can save $1000.00 annually, after the monthly subscription.

Communication and Documentation. AccuBrew is a new way of testing, recording, alerting, and sharing data to manage your time and communicate with staff to produce consistent results every time. AccuBrew data can also be shared with collaborating breweries, or your customers if you are a contract brewer.

Historical Data Adds Value. When expanding your brewery, a strong historical record of every batch gives potential investors the confidence to lend. Good documentation is the hallmark of every professionally run business. AccuBrew provides an in-depth, secure historical record of every monitored batch, including contemporaneous brewer’s notes.

Fast ROI. Three AccuBrew sensors produce a positive ROI in just one year at most breweries, including subscriptions. The best part is the subscription cost for each additional sensor is only $9.95 per month, so as your brewery grows, the ROI for every new AccuBrew sensor is over 25%! The more sensors installed, the greater the savings, the better the ROI.

The savings and ROI realized by employing the AccuBrew Fermentation Monitoring System are independent of brewhouse capacity or fermentation vessel volume. Whether a fermentation vessel is 1 bbl or 60 bbl the cycle time and number of SG tests per cycle, as well as the labor cost per test remain similar. This means even nano-breweries will save time and money with AccuBrew. In fact, as a percentage of net income, the smaller the brewery the more important the savings are to your bottom line.


AccuBrew is not about making you a better brewer, but about making the brewing process easier, repeatable, and more precise. With AccuBrew, you can eliminate the need for constant manual testing, saving time and money. Instead of one manual test daily, AccuBrew gives brewers 96 opportunities everyday to improve their process.

If you are looking to improve your products and brew your best every time, AccuBrew is the sensor you need. With its consistent, easily accessible record of critical parameters along with real-time updates and notifications, AccuBrew saves you time, and helps you achieve the same high-quality results with every batch. No matter the size of your brewery, AccuBrew is the ultimate brewing companion you never knew you needed, until now.

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