Recipe: Bierstadt Helles

Bierstadt Lagerhaus cofounder and brewer Ashleigh Carer describes their Helles as “the purest expression of malt,” best consumed by the liter. While it may not get as much fanfare as their Slow Pour Pils, it’s equally beloved among the brewers drawn to Denver’s Bierstadt during the Great American Beer Festival—or any time of year.

Video Tip: Adjusting the Mash for Darker Lagers

From longer decoctions to key considerations when using dark malts in the mash, Bierstadt cofounder Bill Eye explains how their approach to darker lagers differs from that of paler ones—and also why they avoid dextrin malt.

Video Tip: Slow Pours, Foam, and Service with Intention

Bierstadt cofounder Ashleigh Carter explains the why and how of their Slow Pour Pils, making the case for attention to foam, service, and presentation that fulfills your intentions as the liquid’s creator.

Video Tip: Hop Additions for German-Style Pils and Helles, the Bierstadt Way

In this clip from their video course, Bierstadt cofounder Bill Eye explains the when and why of their “conservative” approach to hop additions in their pale lagers, aiming for fine bitterness while avoiding grassy flavors.

Video Tip: Elevate Your Lager by Caring About Carbonation

From natural carbonation to a focus on foam, Bierstadt cofounder Ashleigh Carter explains their approach to carbon dioxide as an overlooked ingredient in great lager.

Video Course: Lager Harder with Bierstadt Lagerhaus

The Bierstadt brewers are back, as Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye share deeper insights and more on their technical approach to German-style lagers that beg to be enjoyed in quantity.

Brewer’s Perspective A Proper Helles: Toeing the Line between Bland and Sublime

It stands as an island in a sea of beer choice: helles as the Promised Land. But order one at any of the breweries throughout the United States that have it on offer, and you’re likely to find wildly different results. Here's how to do it right.

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