Corey Blodgett

Corey Blodgett, who was most recently brewmaster at the Gathering Place in Milwaukee, also has been lead innovation brewer at the Craft Brew Alliance in Portland, Oregon, and head brewer at Maritime Pacific in Seattle. He also enjoys writing and talking about Kölsch to anyone who will listen.

Recipe: Corey Blodgett’s #KölschStyle

This recipe has been shaped by years of studying, drinking, thinking about, and brewing Kölsch-style beer. “This is as near to an authentic Kölsch recipe as you can get,” says brewer Corey Blodgett. “Unless you’re in Köln.”

Brewer’s Perspective: Defend Kölsch!

It’s not just any blonde ale into which you pitch some “German ale” yeast. Corey Blodgett, noted Kölsch evangelist and longtime pro brewer, shares his advice on brewing a serious Kölsch-style beer that tastes like the stuff in Köln.