Eric Reinsvold

Hops: Homegrown For Homebrew

Homegrown hops are the easiest beer ingredient for a homebrewer to produce on his/her own, and with some know-how on your end, you can grow your own harvest year after year.

The Pitfalls of Expediency

Has your brew day been reduced to a few hours, leaving you to opt for efficiency over precision in your brewing? Based on his experience, Eric Reinsvold offers you some “expert” tips on avoiding some of the pitfalls of this approach.

A Dash of Pepper

In the same way a chef can add a touch of cracked peppercorn to open up a dish with added spice and complexity, a brewer can use the same ingredient to achieve the same result.

A Pinch of Salt

In addition to a salty taste, salt adds texture and other interesting flavors to your beer. We’ll show you the basics and give you some ideas to try!

The Creative Potential of Coriander

In Belgian wits, saisons, goses, and even richer Belgian beers, coriander can contribute bright citrus flavors, but it can also ruin a perfectly good beer. Here, we explore how to select, prepare, and use coriander to its best advantage.

Dandelion Cyser

Eric Reinsvold takes advantage of the season’s bounty of dandelions—and his daughter’s energy—to “brew” up a batch of bright sparkling floral summer cyser.

Brewing with Mushrooms

Through some trial and error, Eric Reinsvold and the UNC Fungi & Algae class created a successful beer with porcini mushrooms.