Lars Marius Garshol

Style School: Koduõlu Is Estonia’s Own Home Beer

The signature farmhouse style of Estonia is a quirky product of preserved tradition, local ingredients, and practicality. It’s also a perfect reminder that farmhouse brewing is, after all, homebrewing.

Fire & Brew-Stone: The Real Story of Steinbier

The idea of making beer with flaming-hot rocks conjures an indelible mental image, yet the common understanding of what “steinbier” was is almost totally wrong. Here, Lars Marius Garshol explains the methods of a lost farmhouse style.

Recipe: Lithuanian-Style Farmhouse Ale

This recipe is inspired by Lithuania’s unique farmhouse ales—including those of Aldona Udriené’s Jovaru Alus, of Julius Simonaitis, and others. This is a great starting point for experimenting with raw ale, hop tea, or baking the mash for keptinis.