Patrick Dawson

Cellar Legends: Xyauyú

Is it time to buy that $40 bottle of Italian barleywine? Is it good enough to drop that kind of cash, especially when there are so many new beers hitting the shelves every week? The answer is a most-definite “yes.”

19th-Century Beer in a 21st-Century World

Here’s the remarkable story of a very, very old bottle of beer.

Stocking the Cellar without Breaking the Bank

Consider forming your beer-cellar collection around age-worthy, budget-friendly beers.

Cellar Legends: Millennium and Utopias

When bottles of Boston Beer’s Millennium made it onto a rare-wine auction list, you could say that more than a few wine lovers’ heads were turned.

Past Its Prime? Vintage Beer Warning Signs

What are some of the ways a beer can go wrong? What signs signal the point of no return? Here are seven points to consider when you’re evaluating a vintage beer.

In the Cellar: Don’t Age These Beers

When determining whether to age or not to age a beer, watch out for these four cellar no-nos.

Vintage Beer-Bar Bucket List

These beer-centric bars and restaurants let you enjoy the complexity of a finely aged beer without a beer cellar of your own.

Worth the Wait: Pairing Vintage Beer with Food

Consider these vintage beer and food pairings the next time you’re thinking of pulling a bottle from your cellar or splurging on a vintage offering at a restaurant.

Juicy Fruit IPA Recipe

In The Cellar columnist Patrick Dawson doesn’t just brew beers to age, as evidenced by this flavorful fruit-forward IPA that he’s designed and brewed.

Barrel-Aged Beer: To Cellar or Not to Cellar?

Consider 4 aspects before you decide to put a bottle of barrel-aged beer in the cellar.