Stan Hieronymus

Holy Hops

What makes the hops that Monastery of Christ in the Desert sells most interesting is not necessarily that monks grow them, but that they are bred from native American hops, otherwise known as neomexicanus.

Naturally A Bit Wild

American brewers interested in making beers that fit under the rather broad umbrella of saison don’t necessarily need to look toward Wallonia. The answer may be in their own backyards.

Hops Oils & Aroma: Uncharted Waters

Researchers recently have begun to unravel the mystery of hops aroma, but many unknowns remain.

Over the Top: Brewing High-Gravity Beers

Here are 6 tips for getting enough sugar into the wort for the yeast to produce high levels of alcohol and keeping the yeast healthy at ultra-high ABVs.

Taste the Freshness

Stan Hieronymus shares the three keys to brewing successfully with wet hops and the four “rules of hops” that you should understand.

So Many New Hops

Stan Hieronymus gives you the lowdown on some new hops varieties, including German ones that American brewers are clamoring to try.

Gather No Moss – Inside The Alchemist's Heady Topper

Constant experimentation and a focus on the interplay of yeast and hops aids the perpetual evolution of The Alchemist’s Heady Topper.