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Balancing Act

There are approaches that can help us find balance in our beers when we want it and make our imbalances work for us when they’re warranted and wanted.

Josh Weikert Oct 18, 2017 - 17 min read

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One of the most challenging things about brewing is that there’s no bible. No law. Sure, the Germans gave it a shot with the Reinheitsgebot, but even that was more about the shopping list and less about what you did with the ingredients. Simply put: there’s no set of rules out there telling brewers what to do. We need to come up with it on our own, which means that in this question of what makes for a “good” beer, there’s literally no answer that we can all accept. If you listen to beer drinkers and brewers, however, you may notice that they often throw a word out there that seems to be valuable in their assessments, recipe formulations, and flavor profiles: balance.

“Have you tried that new DIPA? They really balanced the sweetness with the bitterness.”

“That porter I made last week found a nice balance between roast and smoothness—it was like drinking café au lait.”

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