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With high-quality tanks, fast lead times, and competitive, straightforward costs, Carolina Brewtech is poised to help your brewery grow.

Carolina Brewtech (Sponsored) Sep 27, 2022 - 5 min read

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Carolina Brewtech launched in 2018, motivated by the realization that brewing-equipment companies rarely provide the service of instantly shipping tanks to customers. In fact, the lead time for a turnkey brewing system—from order to delivery—could be 10 to 14 weeks or even longer, depending on the order. Yet if a growing brewery business is looking to add new tanks to expand the production, they simply can’t afford to wait 10 to 14 weeks, and they shouldn’t have to.

Therefore, we decided to give it a try, and to see if we can meet market needs by providing quality tanks and industry-leading customer services.

Speaking of Quality ...

Unlike most of the brewing equipment companies/importers in the United States, who buy from a manufacturer overseas, we own a working plant in China. This enables us to offer the best prices to fit our customers’ budgets. It also gives us the full rights to control and monitor the production process, from raw material selection to final quality inspection. Every tank we sell is crafted to the U.S. market standard. We use quality, certified 304 stainless steel plates purchased from South Korea, and all the parts and fittings—including valves, gauges, pipes, and clamps—are 100 percent tested. All tanks are quality-inspected and pressure-tested before being packed and loaded into containers bound for the United States. Once they arrive at our warehouse, we unpack and inspect them again. They arrive at the brewery fully equipped; the customer doesn’t need to do acid-passivation after receiving them because we’ve done that process in our factory. After an initial CIP process, the tanks are ready for your beer.

About that Fast Lead Time ...

Our warehouse is in Baltimore, Maryland—close to the port, yet cheaper on rent compared to New York or nearby cities. This location enables us to deliver tanks to most of the places on or near the East Coast within three days, or in three to five days to the middle of the country.

This fast lead time isn’t the only good thing about choosing in-stock tanks from us. Many customers ask us about tariffs, importing costs, or any extra costs they need to pay besides the tanks themselves. The answer is zero—the prices we quote include everything. The only other thing customers need to pay for is local shipping. We let our logistics partner quote the shipping to our customers; if they like the quote, they can move forward, and if not, they can work with any other logistics partner, or they can even come to our warehouse to pick up the tanks themselves.

We also have all the parts and fittings for tanks in stock at our warehouse in Baltimore, so we can respond quickly and send them out at the fastest speed if our customers need any replacements.

A Growing Business, Like Yours

From 2018 to today, more than 200 breweries across the United States are now using our tanks. And our business is growing—just in 2021, we served more than 40 breweries and sold 146 tanks.

Like our customers, we also brew, and we think like brewers when it comes to improving product quality or troubleshooting for our customers. Whether you’re running a brewery, cidery, or distillery, or brewing coffee, seltzer, or making any other beverage, if you’re in the market for some tanks, please get in touch.

Let's talk about how we can earn your business and become Your Most Reliable Brewing Partner!

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