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Cold IPA Is Heating Up

Let the pedants complain, but cold IPA is both fun to drink and fully coherent as a style. Josh Weikert walks us through the elements and methods behind the lean, bright IPA that’s “wester than West Coast.”

Josh Weikert Sep 12, 2022 - 16 min read

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Cold IPA is, for lack of a better word, hot.

I mean this in both the literal sense—it ferments relatively warm—and in the figurative sense. For a designation that’s barely two years old, cold IPA is getting a lot of attention.

There are now hundreds of examples on the market; a quick search of a beer-review site can show you just how far and wide the concept of cold IPA has already spread. The style also provokes a lot of discussion among brewers and in the beer media. A recent online discussion among fellow brewing writers turned up five of us all working on articles about it at the same time. So, there is obviously interest in the topic (and, with my competitive fires now stoked, I hope you’ll find this article to be the best and most timely of the bunch).

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