Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Best in Beer 2016: Faves, Trends, and Drinking . . . Beer

For our first-annual Best in Beer issue, we asked you about your favorite beer writers and glassware, trends you think will last, how you drink, and how much you drink.

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For our first-annual Best in Beer issue, we asked thousands of you about your favorite beer writers and glassware, trends you think will last, how you drink, and how much you drink. Read on for your top picks.

Your Favorite Beer Writer

John Palmer

It’s no surprise to us that the author of How to Brew and Water—A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers remains your favorite beer writer—in our pre-survey office pool, he was the odds-on favorite to win the category. Palmer’s problem-solving mindset from his experience in metallurgical engineering gives him a technical background that’s really hard to beat.

Randy Mosher

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Mosher’s creative career as a graphic designer informs all of his writing, and his books are clear favorites of both yours and ours—immaculately organized, gorgeously presented, and thoroughly researched. His most recent book on brewing―Mastering Homebrew: The Complete Guide to Brewing Delicious Beer―deserves a spot on every brewer’s bookshelf.

Charlie Papazian

The veritable godfather of homebrewing, Papazian has spent his life helping legalize it and make it better. The result is a generation and a half of homebrewers and professional brewers who have all been influenced by his classic The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.

Brad Smith

As developer of Beersmith homebrewing software, Smith is intimately aware of all the ins and outs of recipe and technique. But his podcasts, weekly emails, and column in this magazine are chock-full of great brewing tips.


Stan Hieronymus

In his books Brew Like a Monk, For the Love of Hops and Brewing Local American-Grown Beer, Hieronymus has covered quite a range of topics, but he’s always done it with a depth that’s hard to match.

Favorite Glassware

There are plenty of options for glassware to hold your beer, but you have clear favorites.

Favorite Glassware

Which Trends Will Last?

Is it a trend with the stamina to stick around, or is it a here today, gone tomorrow fad? You weighed in on four beers styles riding the bubble, and while the prognosis looks great for New England–IPAs, you don’t foresee the same staying power for quick sour beers.

Trends that Last


How Much Do You Drink?

We asked how many beers you typically consume over the course of a week, and the vast majority of you, unsurprisingly, consume 1–2 beers per day.

How Much Do You Drink

The number of you who use Untappd to track and rate the beers you drink: 50%

The percentage of all survey respondents who use a digital tool or site for tracking beers consumed: 91%

Favorite Drinking Activities

For many, beer is a social lubricant and element of other activities, not the activity itself. Here’s what you said you enjoy most while drinking it.

  1. Hanging with Friends
  2. Brewing
  3. Cooking
  4. Watching Sports
  5. Blind Tasting

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